Wednesday, April 7, 2010

better than the real thing!

I recently had the pleasure of trying out Revlon's Beyond Natural professional eyelashes.  A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!!!
Revlon Fantasy Lengths Maximum Wear Self Adhesive Eyelashes, Defining 1 pr
I am so thrilled with them!  I was lucky enough to not lose my hair when I did chemo, but it did thin out, and so did my eyelashes.  I couldn't believe what a difference it made to put the Revlon ones on!  My lashes looked so long and full, it's amazing.  Actually, they looked better than they ever have, even before the chemo.

I was able to try a few different kinds.  Some of them you put on with glue, which sounds scary but it's really quite easy.  You just apply a thin bead of glue to the lashes (the false ones, not your own) and then gently press the lashes on to your existing lashline (they come with the glue).  The others come with adhesive strips, so no gluing needed, which would be a bonus to those of you who have lost all of your lashes due to chemo because the adhesive strip just sticks right to your eyelid, and may work a little easier than the liquid glue.  I did find though that the ones that use the liquid glue lasted a bit longer than the ones with the adhesive strip.

In any case, just stick them on and ... Voila!  Move over Betty Davis!  You'll be looking better than ever in less than 30 seconds!

Removing them was a breeze too.  Just gently pull from one corner.  I make sure I'm extra gentle when I take them off, that way I am able to reuse them a few times.  Then just use a little eye make-up remover or facial cleanser to get the glue or any residual adhesive off. 

I love that these lashes make me feel beautiful when I'm wearing them, which is a rare thing when you're recovering.  Of course their not just for cancer patients!  These lashes make everyone's eyes look fantastic.  They also come in so many varieties, some are longer, some are shorter, some are intensifying, some are volumizing, some are defining.  I've tried out a few kinds, and I'll wear a different set depending on what I'm doing, or the look I'm going for.
Revlon Fantasy Lengths Maximum Wear Self Adhesive Eyelashes, Defining 1 pr

I'm SUPER excited to be able to let you try them too!  I'm giving away two packages of Revlon Beyond Natural or Fantasy Lengths lashes each to 2 lucky people!

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welcome to the twilight zone

Okay, I've made this new blog because my other blog (Happiness is Nature and Video Games) is getting too many personal posts in it.  I want to keep it focused on books, video games, the nerdy/geeky side of me ;) 

So that brings us to this shiny new blog.  A place to put my musings on mom stuff/cancer stuff/ health and beauty stuff, etc.  Also a much more appropriate place for some of the super awesome items that I have here to review and give away!  There might be a few parallel posts for a bit on both blogs while I'm making the change, so sorry for bringing people into the twilight zone.  I just like to have my stuff organized, know what I mean?

Thanks for joining me over here too, I really appreciate it :)