Thursday, May 27, 2010

a busy month.... and my new friend!

It's been a very busy few weeks for me!  I've been working sooooooo hard on my yard preparing it for summer.  My yard is very big (274' long), and all I have to use at the moment is a weed whacker (that only reaches about 1/4 of the way down the yard since it is electric and that's as far as the cord goes), and a manual push mower... that doesn't actually cut weeds or anything thicker than grass.  I also have 2 huge 100+ year old oak trees, a pine tree and several other random trees... all of which love to drop branches and limbs into the yard that I need to pick up before I can mow.  Craziness. 

At least I am getting some very good exercise doing all of that!  Plus I have taken on some yard clean up jobs in the neighborhood to make a little extra money on the side.  Little do they know that I LOVE being outside, so it really doesn't feel like work to mow someones lawn or clean up after their doggies.

Since I have been spending so much time outside I ended up making a new friend!  I haven't picked a name for him yet, but he has certainly taking a liking to me.  He is a cute little Robin (I joked to my husband that the is my new "breast friend" since he is a robin red breast.... I guess it wasn't funny since I just got some major eye rolling from him in return lol).  Every time I go out to do yard work he is right there with me.  Whether I'm mowing or cutting branches or raking he's right there, only a few feet away.  I love it!

I had to post a few pictures because he's such a cutie.  Don't mind the weeds, these pics were taken at the beginning of my yard clean up adventures.  I've draw circles around him in some of the pics so he's easier to spot.


And here's a video that I thought was cute.  He was apparently trying to see just how many worms he could fit into his mouth at one time.

And of course I had to add this cute pic of my one of my bunnies (named Bunny) using another of my bunnies (named Alistair) butt as a pillow.

If anyone has any suggestions on what I should call the robin let me know :)  I'd like to stop calling him "that robin that follows me around"  lol.

Monday, May 3, 2010

the wedge - finally comfortable sex! & $25 eden fantasys giftcard giveaway!

For those of you that have never been through it, let me tell you that chemotherapy sucks.  Not only does it make you physically exhausted, it causes pain, and of course kills your sex drive..... and those side effects don't stop when you go off the chemo.  They can last for months, even years.  Blarg!  Talk about taking the romance out of a relationship.

Of course as all of you fellow mom bloggers out there know, pregnancy and child birth can also have detrimental effects to your sex life, as can mommyhood in general....

Which brings us to The Wedge!  I was fortunate enough to get this product to review through edenfantasys.comThe Wedge is a position pillow that helps out immensley during sex.  Basically it is a large (much larger than I expected) inflatable triangular wedge.  It comes with a very nice soft (suede feeling) red cover, and a bright yellow foot pump to blow it up (good thing, I'm sure if you tried to blow it up manually you'd probably keel over).  My first word of advice with the wedge is to use the pump to blow it up in advance.  Although it only takes a minute or two to inflate, the pump makes this ridiculous whistling sound when you use it.. not too loud, but I'm sure it would be a mood killer in the heat of the moment.  So do yourself a favor and try to anticipate your activities ahead of time ;)

I know nobody wants TMI about my own personal experience with it, so I'll try my best not to offend.  I love the wedge!  My hubby (and I'm certain that many of you ladies out there can relate to this), like the "view" when I'm bent over.  He prefers this position for sex, for oral (him giving), etc... ok so I'm not doing to good with the TMI thing ;) The reason it's important to let you know that though is that being in that position is very difficult for me.  It gets exhausting quickly, and physically is a hard position for me to hold for any length of time because I'm still lacking strength from the chemo.  This is where my wedge has been a miracle worker.  Because of the shape of the wedge it is the perfect height for you to lean over and be completely supported.  It can hold all your weight, and it is very firm when inflated, so you feel totally secure.  Then you are free to relax and enjoy yourself, you don't have to worry about holding yourself up, or your legs getting tired, or losing your balance and potentially breaking your hubby's parts ;)

Of course this isn't the only position the wedge helps with, it's just the one that has come in the most useful for us personally.  There are many other positions that it helps with, that both increase comfort, and the view of the events taking place... trust me this is much more comfortable to prop yourself up on than a bunch of pillows.  It's soft like pillows, but with way more support!  Don't worry The Wedge does come with instructions and pictures that show different postions and uses to help you out.

Something I have found with the wedge though, is that it's not just for sex!  It's so comfortable to lay on while reading in bed, or watching TV.  Like I said it gives way more support than pillows do.  I can see it being useful for other things as well... resting your pregnant belly on.... holding your hips up after "doing the deed" when you're trying to conceive... it's really very handy to have!  Also, the price is fantastic when you compare it to the prices of other sex pillows and supports.  I love that it's inflatable too, it makes it easy to store away, or take it with you on vacation (it even comes with patches in case you were to somehow pop a hole in it, but it is very thick strong material so I think it's unlikely that would happen, especially with the cover on).

Now it's your chance to check out Eden Fantasys!  They have been generous enough to provide me with a $25 gift card to give away to one of my lucky readers!  You can use it for sex toys, or lingerie, or massage oils, or candles... anything you want that they sell!  Doesn't have to be something dirty :)

For your main entry, it's easy!  Just leave a comment below telling me that you'd like to win!  Don't forget to leave your email address so I can get in touch with you if you win!  This entry must be done first before any bonus entries!!  I'm going to run the giveaway until May 21st winner will be chosen by

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$59.99The wedge
Position pillow by Doc Johnson
Material: Polyester
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer.