Monday, March 15, 2010

an experiment in procrastination

Having an unfortunate amount of time on my hands I have decided to do a little experiment, for no one's benefit but my own.

I have heard in the past of people who win all the time. Contests, sweepstakes, lotteries, things of that nature. There are even e-books and blogs about how to become a master contest winner. I on the other hand never win anything. Ever. That is not to say that I haven't had my share of good fortune (mixed of course with my share of bad fortune).

I got my braces (that I am currently sporting) for free because of one incredibly generous and empathetic person. That is of course balanced out by the fact that I had to go through my entire teenage years and twenties with crooked, crowded teeth... leaving me socially and emotionally scarred. Kids can be so cruel.

I also am overjoyed to finally be in remission, free from any evil life sucking cancer cells. This is obviously balanced out by the fact that I had to deal with cancer for several years, and the physical, emotional and financial toll (of which I am still feeling the effects).

So, of course life is always give and take. You give so much, and you get something in return. Now, however, I am fascinated by these people that just get. Huge windfalls drop at their feet, and they are giving very little (only the time it takes to fill out the entry forms) in order to receive it. Can this really be true? I can sometimes be a pessimistic person by nature, but now with my new lease on life I am trying to change that. Thus begins the experiment.

I want to see if it is really possible to become a "winner" in this sense. So for the next month I am going to enter a minimum of 50 contests/sweepstakes etc. per day. There are many websites out there that have listings of all the various contests going on throughout this great nation that we are eligible for, so this really shouldn't be a difficult task. In fact maybe I will try to make it double that amount. Maybe I will do it for two months. I haven't quite ironed out the details.

The simple fact is that I am going to enter as much as possible (min. 50/day) for at least a month and I will see how long it takes me to actually win something. I suppose if nothing happens in the first month I will just keep going. At some point I will either win something big, or prove everyone wrong. (Of course I am hoping not to have to prove anyone wrong).

We shall see. I will post my progress, and of course any winnings I may encounter.

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