Monday, March 22, 2010

watching hoarders makes me itchy

I turned my TV on a few hours ago for some background noise and a mild distraction while I am doing work on my laptop.  I haven't changed the channel at all, so I've ended up watching a few hours so far of "Hoarders".  In case you've never watched Hoarders before it showcases the lives of families (usually 2 families per episode) who have extreme issues with hoarding stuff... garbage, animals, paper, crap....

Anyway, everytime I watch this show it makes me itchy.  Seeing how dirty their houses are, and how unsanitary they are.  Ack.  And then it makes me want to get rid of everything I own.  Now, I'm no hoarder, but everyone has stuff they don't need.  Oh don't throw out those magazines, I might read them one day.  Oh I'm going to keep that dress I've had since tenth grade because it might come back in style.  You know how it is. 

So everytime I watch this show I end up getting rid of something, and after I do I'm always surprised at how relieved I feel. It's nice to have a little extra space, or at least to know that something useless is out of the house... or that someone else is getting some use out of something you have no use for anymore.

Right now I got an episode on pause (thank God for PVR's) because I suddenly feel the need to put my dishes away and wipe the potato chip crumbs from off the couch next to me ;) 

After I finish the episode I'm certainly going to need some stress relief.  Screw Calgon.... Kratos, take me away!

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  1. I do the same thing after I watch Hoarders. I feel like cleaning and scrubbing. I feel so sorry for those people. How can they stand it?